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Hi. I'm Skip Miller

Think Tank Consulting, LLC is a member of the  Citrix Service Provider program but otherwise not directly affiliated with, sponsored, or endorsed by Citrix Systems, Inc. Citrix is a registered trademark of Citrix Systems, Inc."

a Citix Consultant

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Skip Miller


Citrix Architect

  • Think Tank Consulting, LLC - Owner - 2002-Present
  • Access the Office MSP  Founder\Owner - 2008-2010
  • All Covered - Senior Consultant  - 1999-2002
  • Qwest Communication - IT Specialist - 1997-1998
  • Primestart, Inc - Desktop Support Technician- 1996
  • Connectix, Inc - Tech Support Rep - 1996
  • Microsoft Certified System Engineer -MCSE
  • Citrix Certified Associate CVAD - CCA
  • Citrix Certified Associate XA - CCA
  • Citrix Certified Associate XD - CCA
  • Cisco Certified Associate - CCNA
  • Network+, A+, Comptia Corp
  • Bachelor of Arts - Centenary College of LA

Valley Health Hospital 

  • Crafted a Citrix Apps and Desktops solution for Epic Hyperspace, powered by VMware with Citrix MCS.
  • Tailored user experience with Microsoft FSLogix, Group Policy, PowerShell, and WEM.
  • Built a HA system using NetScaler, StoreFront, and Duo for security.
  • Achieved working solution for a medical provider across 40 locations.

Tahoe Forrest Hospital 

  • Deployed a seamless medical desktop and application setup for 1200 users.
  • Integrated and developed virtual apps via Citrix AppDisks and App Layers 
  • Pioneered a customized coded experience with advanced per user desktop menus and features.
  • Initially turned around a critical Epic EMR project then provided years of support and further improvment.

Diversified Consultants 

  • Rolled out a large-scale corporate desktop environment for over 1200 users.
  • Led the design and setup of hardware, routing, switching, storage, VMware, with XenDesktop integration.

Envision Managed 

  • Designed a robust, hybrid cloud solution with XenApp/XenDesktop for a service provider.
  • Streamlined operations with automated Citrix Cloud Portal for 1200+ users.

Wade Clark Mulcahey 

  • Implemented a failover desktop solution for 100 users.
  • Set up Dell/VMWare virtualization, EMC storage, and Juniper switching.

Rick Dupuis 
Mainstay Tech

I would HIGHLY recommend Skip and his work to any IT partner out there. Thank you Skip!

Virtual Apps & Desktops (CVAD)

  • MCS Automated Server Deployment
  • App Layering & AppDisk Development
  • Citrix Profile Management (CPM)
  • Microsoft FSLogix Profiles
  • Citrix WEM

Netscaler & Storefront (ADC)

  • Citrix Federated Authentication Services
  • Azure AD & Entra Identity Management
  • Cisco Duo for Multifactor Security
  • Demilitarized Zone Architecture
  • High Availability Solutions

With twenty years of senior work in business technology, sixteen as an independent consultant responsible for the design and maintenance of scores of Colorado Front Range networks.


In 2008, I extended my consultancy to national clientele including corporate customers and service providers.  I currently complete Citrix projects on a monthly basis while providing ongoing Citrix consultation, administration, and development services for larger clients.

Professional History

* Citrix certification is current to maintain service provider status.  Other certs obtained  over 25 years  in information technology (but not necessarily current).

Certifications Achieved

Technical Expertise

• Enterprise CitrixDeployments

Complex Migration and Integration

• Maintenance and Support

I would recommend Skip Miller to anyone that needed a "Best" Citirx Consultant.”

John Rossi 
Power Motive Corp